HFP Racing Christmas Wishes

Merry-Christmas-2014As the snow blows and the temperature drops our minds drift to warm spring days when being outside is actually fun and no challenge at all…however, those days are many months away…so bundle up and enjoy our 2014 Christmas wish list AND most of all have a Very Merry Christmas.

  • All 2014 HFP race weekends are mild, dry and wetsuit legal 😉
  • Race announcer extraordinaire, Rich Fowler, hands the mic off and joins us in a race…come on Rich, how about it?
  • No Friday before the race chip n seal road projects get scheduled
  • A new super duper high-tech fandangled timing system (hmmm….)
  • No large animals or farm equipment on our bike courses
  • Our aid station volunteers stop calling Infinit Nutrition “Gatorade”
  • Sandy remembers which direction the swim course goes 😮
  • Jason finally shaves his beard ;)…seriously.
  • Everyone remembers their ID before they get in line for registration 🙂
  • Ross Hartley stops racing the “Sprint” triathlon races (for everyone’s sake)
  • And last but not least; Short lines for the Porta Johns!!!!