The HYDROPACER – the ultimate swim training device!

I recently was introduced to a dynamic gentleman that is bringing a super cool new swimming device to the market. This is a must have for the hard core tri-geek (you know who you are). He’s giving me the opportunity to introduce it to our HFP Racing customers before it goes to the retail market.

Hydropacer_11The product is the Hydropacer. The HydroPacer is a patent-pending, LED system that allows swimmers to simply “follow the light” to stay on pace while swimming in a lap pool.  The HydroPacer is a portable device triathletes and swimmers will place on the concrete edge of the pool before they jump into the lane.  Their personal work-out has already been transferred to the device using our mobile app via Bluetooth technology.  The swimmer then takes the LED rope to the other end of the pool and it will sink to the bottom of the lane because of a weighting system.  Once the workout starts, the LED lights will move at the speed of the workout for that particular athlete e.g. 1:30 per 100 meters.  Some of the great benefits are: precise training paces, no more counting laps or checking a watch, visual and audible cues, and an interactive experience to makes swim workouts fun.

To check out this awesome new product in action go to and use the password: swimfaster2014!!

Use the code “hfpracing” and receive 5% off the introductory price.


Shannon Kurek
aka – HFP Man