Mohican Endurance Festival Recon Report

Mohican B_02 (1)I enjoyed 3 hours of spectacular riding in the Mohican area today that included the Olympic distance bike course and a trip to the swim start to check out the scene. The exit of the swim is nearly straight up a concrete walkway (after about 50 yards of single track) that was too steep for me to ride! Can you say Mohican EPIC? Every bit of this course is a challenge and the folks racing the olympic distance race will be in for a big challenge on two peaks on Hastings Newville Road.  I was in my small ring and had to grind my way through these two climbs but the fun will not be missed by the sprint or half distance folks either. The climb up Bunker Hill Road is super tough and just when you think you’re done you turn left on Tugend Road for the last kick up for another steep 1/4 mile.  Ouch! That’s gonna hurt a lot on the second lap for those brave enough to take on the half.

The view from the Pleasant Hill Dam will be as breathtaking as it will be freighting for folks that will have to descend and ascend this beast of a hill. I enjoyed a short break while enjoying this view and recalled distance memories of when I was riding these same roads hours upon hours with youthful exuberance. The hills seemed easier then, even though my bike was surely much heavier than the carbon felt I was riding today. Ahhh…to be young again! I picked up the pace as I headed back to Mansfield where I parked my truck at my parents house and enjoyed a nice hot shower before heading for home.

These will become a MUST DO race after folks come back with their coveted MEF belt buckles and stories of bravado to match.

Can’t wait to join you all on June 22 at this EPIC race weekend.

Bringing it from Mohican!

Shannon Kurek
aka HFP Man