2016 Team HFP Racing Team Store – NOW OPEN

Team-HFP-Tri-Suit-2016Team HFP Racing is an official USA Triathlon sanctioned club and is open to the public. Team HFP will serve as a place where HFP Athletes can encourage and challenge each other on the course, while building friendships off it.

Team uniform order CLOSES on December 1 – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Team HFP Racing Team Store – https://teamstore.pactimo.com/stores/hfp_racing/show
Password: TEAMHFP2016



We are

  • A team of enthusiastic, dedicated amateurs triathletes and duathletes with day jobs. We like to race locally, regionally and some of us nationally.
  • We are an inclusive team of individuals of different experiences and abilities. We are not semi-pro. If you believe you are, we’re probably not a good fit.
  • We race because we love it. We love it because we are competitive and we enjoy testing ourselves. And because we get to race against our friends.

We commit

  • We commit to participate in a minimum of 4 HFP Racing races and / or events a year.
  • We are the ambassadors of HFP Racing: and of our race team sponsors (ie:Roll).
  • When we race, we are the heroes! We are not the jerks.
  • We thank our sponsor for supporting our racing habit, by actively supporting, promoting and reinvesting in our sponsors (Roll) businesses, the brands they carry, and their people in return.
  • We also commit to support each other. On race days and on the days in between.

We get

  • 10% off any regular bike, clothing or gear purchases in all roll: stores.
  • Team specific group buys (Pactimo) on consumables at deeper discounts.
  • TBD discounts at all HFP Racing events. Discounts start at 15% and move up based on your contribution to the team.
  • 10% off service labor at Roll:, as well as priority scheduling before race day.
  • Infinit Nutrition discounts (tba)
  • BOOM Energy Gel discounts (tba)

We agree

  • We understand life gets in the way sometimes, and that make it hard to complete our commitments to the team.
  • Everyone gets a onetime pass to come back next year at the discretion of the team leadership.
  • Team members who have met their commitment, that don’t want to return to the team the following year will be heartily thanked for their contributions, and still welcomed      under the HFP tent at the races.
  • Departing team members who have not met their commitments by the end of the year, will be asked to contribution to an HFP Racing charity, equal to the $’s discounts they received from our sponsors during the season.
  • Always follow USA Triathlon & USA Cycling rules and exhibit the highest of all sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Purchase a minimum of at least one 2016 tri top & one tri bottom per season.
    Race all 2016 events (HFP or others — minus Team USA events) in official 2016 Team HFP apparel.
  • Race a minimum of 3 HFP Racing events.
  • Volunteer at a minimum of 1 HFP Racing event per year that you will NOT be racing in during the 2016 season.
  • Distribute HFP Racing promotional materials in your local area workout facilities, bike/triathlon shops, nutrition stores, etc…
  • Encourage and cheer on finishers after you’re done racing.
  • All members are encouraged to warm-up and cool down with non team members.
  • Have a huge impact on the sport by being a great steward of multisport.
  • Introduce at least 3 people to the sport and get them to an HFP event.
  • You must be or become a yearly USAT Member before receiving any Team benefits.