Mohican Endurance Festival Update

Mohican B_02 (1)We’ve recently posted updated course maps for the Mohican Endurance Festival on our website. In an effort to make a more participant friendly course we’ve changed the bike course to a 22k loop for ALL distances (except for the MINI). This will allow for a much less hillier bike course on much smoother scenic roads around the lake for all participants in the sprint, Olympic and Half Iron distance races.
The Olympic bike course is now 2 laps, the half Iron is 4 laps and the sprint remains 1 lap. The mini bike course is unchanged. Participants will come into the park at the end of each lap and turn around near the transition area (see map for details) which is where the bike aid station will be located. This will give the Half Iron participants 3 opportunities (and the olympic participants 1 opportunity) for aid during the bike ride. This will be a neutral aid station that will offer refills of water and Infinit Nutrition along with BOOM Energy Gel, bananas and cookies. We will have several tables available to pre-stock your own bottles or special needs bags before the race.
The run course has also been slightly changed eliminating the large hill in the park requiring an additional lap for the Half Iron participants.
I personally rode 2-laps of the new bike course and ran 1-lap of the new run course on Wednesday, June 8th. I thought the bike course was awesome and it flowed very nice around the lake offering great views of the lake and features the epic Dam climb each lap. The run provides lots of shade and will allow for great spectating.
I look forward to seeing many of you in a couple weeks at the Mohican Endurance Festival.
Get ready to Bring it!
Shannon Kurek, Race Director