2019 ALL OHIO Rankings Announced


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 ALL OHIO Triathletes and Duathletes. ALL OHIO status was earned by athletes finishing their season in the top 10% in their division or the top 10% overall in the HFP Racing Triathlon and Duathlon final rankings. ALL OHIO athletes have earned the opportunity to purchase 2019 ALL OHIO merchandise in the official ALL OHIO store and show off their well earned status to all their friends at the next group workout. The store is OPEN now and will close on November 21st to allow all orders to be processed by Christmas.

A sophisticated algorithm that was developed by TriRegistration.com was used to determine the ALL-OHIO Rankings which ranks athletes participating in all HFP events regardless of distance.

The points system gives the average time for each event 100 points (110 for Sprint, 120 for Olympic, and 130 for Half). Your points were the average time (in seconds) multiplied by 100, then divided by your time (in seconds). If you are faster than the average time, then you will have more than 100 points.

This allows us to get a consistent points system that isn’t affected by the number of participants in a particular event or by the time of the overall winner, which can vary greatly depending on who shows up. Your total points is the sum of your 3 highest point totals, so you must complete 3 races to qualify.

ALL OHIO Aquabike Overall Standings
ALL OHIO Duathlon Overall Male Standings
ALL OHIO Duathlon Female Overall Standings
ALL OHIO Duathlon Division Standings
ALL OHIO Triathlon Male Overall Standings
ALL OHIO Triathlon Female Overall Standings
ALL OHIO Triathlon Division Standings