HFP Racing Event Relief Fund

Founded in 1988 by Shannon & Jennifer Kurek, HFP Racing  has been serving the multisport community for over 30 years. Over the last 3 decades HFP Racing has been blessed to have played a significant role in the building of multisport within the Mideast region. HFP Racing is committed to producing our events that support our core values and mission statement:

“To provide a world class race experience with a family friendly feel for the benefit of our valued customers we love.”

COVID-19 has hit HFP Racing at a very bad time of the year. This is having a domino effect of all of our client events and HFP owned events being cancelled or suspended through at least July 1.  Even some of our client events in the fall cannot send in deposits due to the many unknowns.

We are humbly asking for your donation. There are different donation levels with perks.

Please check out our GoFundMe page on how you can help!

Thank you for your continued support of HFP Racing!

HFP Relief Fund Ver2