Save on racing the trails at Salt Fork State Park this May!

Save $10 on any of the Stone House Trail Races now through March 25!

Why trail race? It’s a great way to work on muscles, tendons, and ligaments differently than on the road or treadmill.

You can run, hike, or ruck these races!

Choose from the following race options:

Saturday, May 21 Races
­čî│Individual race options: 10-Miler, 20-Miler, and 50-Miler
­čî│Relay team: 50-Miler*

Sunday, May 22 races
­čî│Individual race options: 10-Miler or 50K
­čî│Relay team: 50K*

Race Packages
­čî│50 / 50 (Both 50 miler and 50k)
­čî│Pair of Tens (Both Saturday 10 miler and Sunday 10 miler)
­čî│Two Day Ultra (Both Saturday 20 miler and Sunday 10 miler)
­čî│Two Day 50 Miler (Both Saturday 20 miler and Sunday 50K)

*Relay teams: each member runs a loop on their own, then on the last loop – everyone on the team runs together.

At checkout, use the code: Spring2022