We are excited to announce our partnership with BeginnerTriathlete!

A little bit about BT!

‘You’ve probably heard of BeginnerTriathlete. We’ve been around this sport a LONG time. We’re not beginners anymore, and some of you aren’t either. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a training plan that accounts for your individual paces at each sport, and lets you schedule your training on the days of the week that work for you. It’s hard enough to maintain integrity with a training plan and put in all the workouts. If you’re trading them out in your head or drawing arrows from one to the other, it’s even easier to make excuses to miss them.’

This website not only can create custom training plans to fit your schedule, it also has race reports, gear information, and so much more!

Interested in trying a training plan out?

BT is offering their Gold Membership to YOU for one month at no cost!

Click here for more details on how to sign up!

Plus read below on how the Custom Training Plans can work for YOU!