Vermilion addresses dangerous bridge crossing

OhioMag_BestHometownVermilion, OH – Soon after the Linwood Park Triathlon & Duathlon in 2013 the race committee members from Main Street Vermilion started looking for a solution for the bridge crossing that continued to cause accidents during the cycling portion of the race.  The section of the bridge causing the issues are two very wide expansion joints that are at a very bad angle making it difficult to cover up and create a safe crossing for all cyclists. Bridge fix photos 1 However, Main Street Vermilion received approval from the Vermilion Service Director to outsource a solution. A local contractor was brought in to come up with a solution.  In the end a decision has been made to cover both 30 foot expansion joints (in the cycling lane) with a low profile steel plate that will be tack welded to the existing metal plate on the expansion joints on race morning. The metal plate will then will be covered with a high grade industrial mat that will be concrete nailed into the bridge. This solution will provide riders with a full lane in which to safely cross over the bridge.

HFP Racing would like to thank Staicey Scholtz and everyone at Main Street Vermilion for their efforts in finding the solution to this problem.

A word of caution is still warranted as this will ONLY be available on race day and anyone pre-riding the course during the year will still need to be very careful when crossing the bridge.