Swim with Tracy Swim Performance Training

Need to jump start your off season swim training? Just need a reason to get back in the pool? Check HFP sponsor, Swim with Tracy, and get a taste for SWIM PERFORMANCE TRAINING by attending a group workout at Aquatic Adventures! On Tuesday and Wednesday November 26 and 27, training groups will be open to walk ins for only $5! Practice is from 5:45 am-7:15 am with Tuesday being the advanced group and Wednesday the novice group. Space is limited but the workouts will be designed to accommodate a large group….and to challenge yourself! Come burn some calories and have a blast doing it!  RSPV’s MANDATORY!

If you need an event to get yourself motivated, the entries are coming in for Tracy’s SWIM DISTANCE CHALLENGE ON DECEMBER 15, 2013, 8AM-NOON at Aquatic Adventures! New this year, Swim Distance Challenge participants will swim with UNDERWATER MUSIC and have the opportunity to get a POST-SWIM MASSAGE, for a small fee!!  Join Tracy and sponsors, EnergyLab, TRIFormance  AND Sheri Croston of The Power of Touch Certified Sports Massage Therapy for this fun event! Use it to test your off-season swim-focus results, as a PRE SEASON starting point ORRR to help neutralize the impending barrage of holiday caloric consumption! It’s not a race, just an event to get to swim a distance you’ve never before attempted or haven’t reached in a long time. Go to www.swimwithtracy.com for details and to register or pick a form up at the pool.

While you’re there, check out the 2014 SWIM PERFORMANCE TRAINING- “PLUS”  group offerings! This year’s format will make you even a more well rounded TRI-SWIMMER!

Train hard, train smart and… “Don’t Sweat the Swim!”