Liquid Lifestyles official swim partner of HFP Racing


For Fast & Efficient Swimming – The Official Swim Partner of HFP Racing

Learn energy saving techniques that will have you swimming faster, more comfortably and are guaranteed to better prepare you for your race!

Liquid-Lifestyles400Liquid Lifestyles Swimming has partnered with HFP Racing to bring you venue-specific training clinics designed to maximize your success and experience! Both beginner and advanced swimmers will benefit from the specialized swim instruction and detailed course preview. Triathlon specific skills such as sighting and navigational techniques, pack swimming, drafting techniques, buoy turns, entry and exit strategies, tempo training and more will be covered. Liquid Lifestyles also offers:
  • Personalized swimming lessons custom-designed to fit YOUR needs and goals
  • Comprehensive training plans for recreational, competitive and multi-sport athletes
  • Hands-on interaction and patient approach for developing swimmers of all ages
  • Clearly defined instructional techniques from our experienced coaching staff
  • Liquid N’ Durance Masters – COACHED swim practices for endurance athletes
  • Regional swim clinics specializing in the revolutionary Total Immersion methods

Let us help you achieve your personal swimming goals and make lasting improvements in your technique, performance and satisfaction for years to come! Visit us @ or call Leah @ 440.935.1097 for more information.