BOOM Nutrition official energy gel of HFP Racing

BOOM-Nutrition-logoBOOM Nutrition, Inc. has signed on a the official energy gel of HFP Racing long course events. Look for Boom Energy gel at every HFP Racing long course event in 2014.

This will include the following events:
American Triple-T – May 16-18
Little Smokies Triathlon – May 18
Mohican Endurance Festival – June 22
Great Buckeye Challenge – August 31
Deer Creek Fall Challenge – September 28

About Boom Nutrition, Inc: BOOM Nutrition Inc.™ is a new company established to bring carbBOOM! Energy Gels back to the market. We will begin shipping pre-orders in spring 2014. The brand is well recognized by endurance athletes worldwide for its fruit based formulation, 9:1 complex carbs (maltodextrin) to simple sugars ratio, superior taste, and no artificial ingredients.


BOOM Nutrition Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio