FIT Family Series @ Linwood Park – It’s Race Week!


Welcome to one of America’s longest running multisport series — the 24th Annual FIT Family Series. Throughout the summer, the FIT Family Series visits six beautiful venues. Each venue features a Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon on Saturday followed by a mini, sprint & Olympic distance triathlon and duathlon on Sunday. So whether you’re racing for an overall title or giving multisport racing a try for the first time, the FIT Family Series is for YOU! It’s ALL ABOUT FUN!

Linwood Park is located on the shores of Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio, “A small town on a great lake.”

Also known to mid-west boating enthusiasts as “A great place to drop Anchor.”

The Linwood Park Company was formed in 1883, by a group of Germans inspired by the Methodist Sunday School Assembly at Chautauqua, New York. Land was procured in Linwood Grove, a former picnic grove.


This fantastic venue provides triathletes with spectacular swim courses along the spectacular Linwood Park beach. The Duathlete’s opening run is out and back featuring a run through the Lagoons and downtown Vermilion. The bike courses are demanding, featuring two Vermilion River gorge crossings. The race finishes with an out-and-back run through the Lagoons and downtown Vermilion with breathtaking shoreline views of Lake Erie for the entire course. This race is a must do for northern Ohio multisport athletes.

PLEASE NOTE: Animals, with the exception of service dogs, will not be admitted to the park.

Online Registration Closes: August 14, 2015 – 12:00 noon EST


Saturday, August 15 — Triathlon Swim Clinic — Course Specific

Saturday, August 15 — HFP Course Talk and Preview

  • (2:00pm) for Sunday courses and races

Saturday, August 15 — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon*

Age on December 31st of this year


  • (Ages 10 & under) 100y Swim — 5k Bike — ½mi Run
  • (Ages 11–15) 200y Swim — 10k Bike — 1mi Run

*Duathlon starts with a ¼mi Run (Ages 10 & under) or a ½mi Run (Ages 11–15)

Sunday, August 16 — Vermilion Harbour Triathlon & Duathlon

  • Mini: 250y Swim (2mi Run) — 7mi Bike — 2mi Run
  • Sprint: 750m Swim (5k Run) — 20k Bike — 5k Run
  • Olympic: 1500m Swim (5k Run) — 40k Bike — 10k Run



  • 2:00pm — Transition area opens for Kidz races
  • 3:00pm — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Ages 11–15)
  • 4:15pm — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Ages 10 & under)



Linwood Park Beach Area

  • Saturday, August 15 from 10:00am–3:00pm
  • Sunday, August 16 from 5:30am–7:00am

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY!


5:00-7:00am — TRANSITION OPEN
7:00am — ALL women in Mini Triathlon
(two at a time based on estimated swim time)
7:10am — All men in the Mini Triathlon
(two at a time based on estimated swim time)
7:15am — All Duathletes (Mini, Sprint and Olympic)
7:15am — Sprint Triathlon Elite Men, Men 29 & under
7:18am — Sprint Triathlon Men 30-39, Clydesdale
7:21am — Sprint Triathlon Men 40-49
7:24am — Sprint Triathlon Elite Women, Women 39 & under
7:27am — Sprint Triathlon Women 40+, Athena, Aquabike Women
7:30am — Sprint Triathlon Men 50+, Sprint Relay Team, Aquabike Men
7:33am — Olympic Triathlon Elite Men, Collegiate Men, Men 29 & under
7:36am — Olympic Triathlon Men 30-39, Clydesdale
7:39am — Olympic Triathlon Men 40-49
7:42am — Olympic Triathlon Elite Women, Collegiate Women, Women 39 & under
7:45am — Olympic Triathlon Women 40+, Athena, Aquabike Women
7:48am — Olympic Triathlon Men 50+, Olympic Relay Team, Aquabike Men
**Your Age Group wave is your USA Triathlon age based on 12/31/15

HFP Racing NEW Swim Start Procedure (Sprint and Olympic only)
As indicated in the above schedule each division will be called to the start line based on their age or division. We will send off each wave 3 participants at a time every 3 seconds. This will allow for better flow and safety during the swim portion of the race. It will be very important for participants to be ready to entry the start corral when called to the start line so please plan accordingly.




Shannon Kurek, Race Director
HFP Racing
aka HFP Man