HFP Racing November News

HFP Man_REVAs I’m writing this I’m preparing myself mentally for our first sub freezing temperatures scheduled for this Saturday as we welcome in November. Along with the cold (and rain) is the “fall” back in time giving us even less light at the end of our days to get in our workouts and other triathlon related activities. The last 5 years I’ve distracted myself during the month of October and part of November with my build up for MiamiMan but this year I decided my season was finished after completing the Deer Creek Fall Challenge. So…like most folks I’ve been preparing myself for the long hard off-season.

Many times I covet the folks that live in warmer more hospitable climates this time of the year BUT then I remember that the changing of seasons is a good time for our bodies (and minds) to shift into the off-season mode AND let’s be real here…if this Saturday called for a mid-70’s degree and sunny day we’d all be out for a long bike ride or run. Instead we must sit on our trainers and dream about spring…or lets take this time to reacquaint ourselves with our families (including our dogs) and let them know we’re not always this Type A exercise freak that can’t miss a workout. Let’s miss a workout or two and gain a few lbs so when the days get longer and the sun shines above we can tackle our workouts with unbridled enthusiasm.

The November Newsletter will provide you with some important updates and some news that will certainly help you with motivation during this long cold off-season.

Bring it!




Tri-SuitTeam HFP Racing is an official USA Triathlon sanctioned club and is open to the public. Team HFP will serve as a place where HFP Athletes can encourage and challenge each other on the course, while building friendships off it. The cost to join is $50.00 per year. Registration opens on Monday, September 29 and closes on November 1, 2014. Uniforms will be available in early January, 2015.


Team HFP Racing Benefits
Team members will receive numerous benefits with your membership including:

Early Registration for the American Triple-T @ Shawnee State Park
Save $50.00 by registering for the American Triple-T by October 31 at Midnight. 

AmericanTriple-T_poweredbySOMCWhat IS the American Triple-T?  Well, it’s everything you’ve heard it to be, and more.  The event is so much more than your typical “triathlon weekend”, it’s a triathlon achievement of epic proportions for all who partake.  It is 3 consecutive days of racing, gelling together 4 races covering a total of more than 140 miles for the weekend.  You will find yourself swimming [READ MORE]


Fall Version of the American Triple-T to be announced on Monday, November 3rd

We’ve been searching for years for the perfect venue for a fall version of the American Triple-T and we’ve finally found that venue. I can’t wait to announce this exciting news!” Shannon Kurek, HFP Racing

Registration and lodging will open at Noon EST on Monday, November 3rd at http://www.AmericanTriple-T.com.


Mohican Endurance Festival moving back to June
Moves to more user friendly venue

Mohican B_02 (1)The Mohican Endurance Festival was a smashing success in 2014 and we’re looking for even more excitement surrounding the 2015 event. With much larger participation numbers predicted we knew that changes needed to be made for 2015. The venue at Mohican Lodge could barely handle the 400 participants in 2014 so with a couple hundred more expected in 2015 we needed to plan for another venue.

Changes for the 2015 Mohican Endurance Festival

  • Sunday, June 28th race date (website will reflect this today or Friday)
  • Venue moved to Pleasant Hill Lake Park (across the lake)
  • Swim start/finish at Pleasant Hill Lake beach area
  • Transition area is just steps from the swim exit (eliminated 9% grade to TA 😉
  • Awesome new bike courses that will challenge all ability levels (and bring back memories of past races at Pleasant Hill Lake Park)
  • Challenging trail run within the park for all race distances

Mohican Endurance Festival NEW Course Maps


Great Buckeye Challenge now part of FIT Family Series

Fit Family Series_Go FastWe’ve been getting loads of emails wanting to know what has happened to the Great Buckeye Challenge (GBC). GBC is now part of the FIT Family Series and will replace the Armco Park venue on August 1-2. The Buck Creek State Park event will feature a kids race on Saturday and a mini, sprint and olympic distance race on Sunday.  For more information on the FIT Family Series presented by Go Fast Multisport click here.
Other FIT Family Series Changes

  • All FIT Family Kidz races will start at 3:00pm & 4:15pm on Saturday
  • All Saturday registration will take place from 10:00am – 3:00pm
  • Saturday course previews will be at 1:00pm on Saturday
  • Saturday swim clinics will be at 2:00pm on Saturday

Challenge New Albany rebranding and moving to August 30th

The Challenge New Albany event is going through a rebrand and will no longer be part of the Challenge Family of events. Additionally, the event will be moved to Sunday, August 30th. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting announcement which will come later in November. Registration will re-open after the announcement. Anyone that is currently registered for the event will be getting an email explaining your registration options.