It’s a new year…are you expecting different results doing the same thing?

Are you going into the 2018 with high hopes and big PR goals? Hopefully you’re not planning on reaching your PR goals while training, eating, sleeping and living the same as you did in 2017 because that formula is just not going to work…you’re going to be very disappointed. The old Albert Einstein quote rings very true if this is your plan going into 2018. Now is a good time to evaluate your total approach to the 2018 season.

You’re training may be spot on and you may have a great coach but your diet sucks…or vice versa OR you’re got both those things down but you’re burning the candle at both ends and only getting 5 hours of sleep a night and wondering why you can’t recover from your key workouts. Every off season is great time to reflect on what went right and what went wrong with the previous season. Don’t be afraid to “really” look yourself in the mirror and ask the hard questions as it relates to your goals. Do you really want to see that six pack in mirror at any cost or would you rather skip the morning “insanity” workout and focus on getting 8 hours of sleep so you can crush your key afternoon workouts and actually recover from them? The latter may result in a softer mid-section but you’ll likely be going faster in the end. There our lots of decisions you have to make in your training and most of them require some sort of sacrifice (ie; less sleep, less beer, less cheese on that pizza, etc…). Just remember…most of us are not training for the Olympics or doing this for a living so don’t take the fun out of this awesome sport just to drop 5 seconds on your swim PR.

So, go ahead and sleep in tomorrow…tell your coach HFP Man said it was OK!

Giddy up!

Shannon Kurek, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
HFP Racing
aka HFP Man

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Team HFP Racing is an official USA Triathlon sanctioned club and is open to the public. Team HFP will serve as a place where HFP Athletes can encourage and challenge each other on the course, while building friendships off it.

Team uniform ordering is open January 5-30, 2018.

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